Statement in Response to Miller’s Attack on Stutler’s Military Service


Statement in Response to Miller’s Attack On Stutler’s Military Service

Marion, Iowa – May 31, 2016

In response to his opponent’s attack on his military service, Joe Stutler of Marion, Iowa, Democratic candidate for Linn County Auditor, issued the following statement:

“I should be able to expect better than baseless personal attacks on my service from a fellow Veteran. Unfortunately, this is just what the citizens of Linn County and the members of the Democratic Party have become accustomed to from Mr. Miller. Apparently he has no shame, no basic human decency. His record of wasteful spending, of violating county rules of practice, of filing needless and costly lawsuits against the county, of cronyism, and of using his office for personal attacks against those whose opinions differ from his is bad enough. To attack a fellow Veteran for political gain is beyond the pale, to do so on the run-up to a weekend considered sacred by those of us who have deployed to war in defense of our nation is despicable. Miller is unfit for duty, unfit for office, unfit to serve.”

In a speech to the Linn County Democratic Party Central Committee on May 25, Miller questioned Stutler’s service. Stutler has released his DD-214, DD-215, NGB 22, and other records of his service in response. (

Stutler is seeking the Linn County Democratic Party’s Nomination in the June 7, 2016 primary election. Stutler is running to bring transparency, accountability, and collaboration to the Auditor’s office.


Twitter @JoeForAuditor
2647 29th Ave, Marion, IA 52302

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